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Internet Banking FAQs

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Emergency Contact Number

If your Internet Banking Access Code is no longer secure you can immediately disable access.

Simply call 1300 885 480.

What Is Internet Banking?

Our online Internet Banking facility assists our members in gaining information on their accounts.

Features include:

  • Gaining account balance
  • Display transaction details
  • Print statements
  • Transfer funds within your membership
  • Transfer funds to other memberships (subject to authorisation)
  • External Funds Transfer
  • View loan, term deposit, payroll details
  • Obtain interest earned details

Since the introduction of Internet Banking, members have taken to the new service with enthusiasm. While feedback has been generally positive, a few members have had questions about Internet download speeds, using BPAY®, accessing Internet Banking for the first time and who to contact when problems arise. We hope that the following information may help.

Information for First-Time Users

How Do I Register For Internet Banking?

You may request access to Internet Banking by contacting the credit union. You can apply over the phone or by using our simple online form for an access code including a reset of an existing user. Your access code will only be given to you over the phone and only once you have been appropriately identified.

You can review the conditions of use as part of our Account and Access Facilities Conditions of Use.

Can I Change The Access Code?

Yes. The system will require you to change your password the first time you use Internet Banking. The Access Code must be a minimum of 4 characters and can be a combination of the numbers 0 - 9 and/or letters A – Z. Access codes are NOT case sensitive.

You can change your Access Code at any time and is recommended that you do so on a frequent basis for your own security. You can change your Access Code while logged into Internet Banking under “Membership Details”.

Please refer to our Account and Access Facilities Conditions of Use for more information on security of your Access Code.

Information for Everyone

What If I've Forgotten My Access Code Or It Does Not Work?

You must notify the Credit Union that your Access Code is not working or you have forgotten your code. We will issue you a new code after we have performed the appropriate identity checks.

How Do I Transfer Funds?

You can transfer funds within your own membership to other credit union memberships or to other financial institutions once you have been given an Access Code.

Is BPAY available through Internet Banking?

Yes. BPAY is available through our Internet Banking service.

How Do I Print A Statement Through Internet Banking?

To view your full transaction history, select the "Account Information" menu item. You can view your transaction history in one of two ways:

click on the folder icon next to the account number/name; or
select "Transactions" from the side menu. This gives you the ability to tailor the transaction listing you see (eg to view certain types of transactions or transactions between certain dates)
To print your transaction history, click on the "Printable Version" icon on the page.

Are There Any Associated Fees?

We do not charge members for using the Internet Banking or the External Transfer facilities.

Internet Browser Tips

Things you can do to make your Internet browser run more effectively are:

For Internet Explorer users:

Click on the "Tools" menu from your browser toolbar, then click Internet Options.
Click on the "General" Tab, you will find the "Temporary Internet Files" section. Click on "Delete Files, then OK.

For Mozilla Firefox users:

Click on "Tools" and select "Options".
Under the Advanced menu, click "Cache". Click on the "Clear Now" button.
This will remove all files in the Temporary Internet Folder that slow the running of your Internet Browser. In addition to the above, if you have a Windows-based system, you should run Windows Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter regularly. Both can be found at: Start>>Programs>>Accessories>> System Tools.

Updating Your Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Go to the Microsoft Download Centre at and search for your Internet Explorer for your operating system.

Mozilla Firefoxr
Go to to download the latest version of Firefox.


To ensure that there is no unauthorised access to your membership:

  • Access will be locked after 3 incorrect attempts at logging in to Internet Banking
  • The Access Code that you are issued on registration will only be valid for 30 days; after this time has expired you will need to register again
  • After 90 days of inactivity from last successful log in your access will be deleted and you will need to register again
  • Notify address and contact details immediately
  • Examine your periodical statement immediately upon receiving it to identify and report, as soon as possible, any instances where the Internet Banking service has been used without your authority
  • Check your last log-in details which will appear on the Introduction page every time you log into the Internet Banking service and notify us immediately if the last log-in details are incorrect.
  • If your account becomes locked, it will then be necessary to contact us to request that your Internet Banking access be reinstated.

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