Managing Your Budget


Budgeting is something that many of us don't like to consider as we think it will tie us down. But if you really stop and think about it, budgeting is simply a means of looking at your income and expenditure and deciding on what is most important to you. Once you identify what you want to achieve, a budget is a tool to help you get there.

Tracking your spending

Where does all my money go? Very few people can answer this question accurately. Learning how and where you spend your money is the first step in managing your finances. ^

Keep a financial diary

How to curb impulse buying

Next time you are tempted by an unplanned purchase, ask yourself:

Planning a budget

A budget can help you plan your expenses and save for things you want.

Managing credit or simply covering expenses is not always easy but following these steps will help you control your finances:

Online budget calculator

To help you plan your budget, you can utilise our budget calculator which takes into consideration all of your general expenses and gives you an idea as to how much you could save.


Saving may appear to be difficult and disciplined, but think of the feeling of being able to afford to buy something you have wanted for a long time. Here are some tips to help you on your way. ^

Set yourself a savings target

Aim to save 10% of your gross annual income. This breaks down to 5% for short-term goals and 5% for long-term goals.

Tip - the 10% rule >>

If you've never been a successful saver before, start off slowly. Leave committing to medium or long-term goals for a while until you're confident a saving strategy is within your reach.

Develop a safety buffer

The key to successful money management is to put funds aside during the good times and to minimise financial stress during bad times. Remember to allow for unexpected debts and emergencies eg illness in the family, loss or breakage of possessions, career interruptions etc.

Tip - how much is enough >>

Quick budget reminders

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