Board of Directors


Macquarie Credit Union is governed by a Board of Directors all of whom are members of the Credit Union. As a mutual, all members of Macquarie Credit Union are equal shareholders and any adult member can nominate for a position on the Board.

Paul Nolan - Appointed 29/11/2017 - Board Member since 01/11/2003
Deputy Chairman
David Rootes – Appointed 29/11/2017 - Board Member since 30/08/2006
Chris Shepherd – Board Member since 19/04/1971
John Moss - Board Member since 24/02/2009
Ray Mills - Board Member since 22/05/2006
David Rootes - Board Member since 30/08/2006
Anne Field - Board Member since 25/01/2017
Associate Director
Peter Woodward - Appointed 28/02/2018

All members of the board hold one ordinary share in the Credit Union.


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