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How to avoid Merchant Choice Routing transaction fees

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It is very important that you are aware that Merchant Choice Routing is now in effect on some payment terminals because you might be incuring avoidable transaction fees for contactless payments.
When asked to present your card on a payment terminal look for the message Merchant Choice Routing Enabled
This means the transaction route is determined by which option will cost less to the merchant. The result is that your contactless transaction will be routed as an Eftpos/ Savings transaction instead of a Visa Debit transaction, which can result in "Excess Fee Amounts" for transactions carried out above your number of “Free Transactions” each month, per our Member Loyalty Program.
The good news is that you can choose to avoid Merchant Choice Routing. 
To select Visa Debit/ credit routing
1) Insert your debit card (instead of tapping it).
2) Select the Visa Debit or Credit option displayed on the payment terminal. 
3) Complete the remainder of the transaction as directed on the terminal. 
Visa Debit/ credit routed transactions are free for Macquarie Credit Union Members per our Member Loyalty Program.
For more information regarding the Member Loyalty Program please read our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Telephone Banking Service

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Please be advised that the Macquarie Credit Union Telephone Banking Service (our automated telephone banking service) will be decommissioned on the 30 April 2021.

Due to the unavailability of ongoing support for the legacy software running the phone banking service, we have no choice but to discontinue it.

We strongly encourage any members who still use this service to take advantage of the increased security and much wider functionality of Internet Banking and the Macquarie CU Banking App services to manage your account going forward. Some of the many benefits include:


Easy Everyday Banking

  • Check your Savings, Loan and Term Deposit account balances
  • Monitor recent and pending transactions on your accounts 24/7


Quick, Convenient and Secure Transfers

  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Transfer to payees using BSB and account details.
  • Pay bills using BPAY®
  • Manage saved payees and billers
  • Add, view and delete periodical future payments


24h Card Management

  • Report lost and stolen cards
  • Card lock and unlock functions for temporary card blocking.
  • OTP Secured PIN change feature
  • Activate and order cards


Additional Benefits

  • Obtain your interest details
  • Receive important member updates and alerts


Please don’t wait until the Telephone Banking Service is disconnected, get in touch today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you, simply call 1300 885 480 (during branch hours) to speak to a member of our team. Whatever your needs, we’ll be able to work out a solution that will suit you.



SMS One Time Passwords

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Security upgrade – coming soon.

Please be advised of upcoming changes to our One Time Password (OTP) security, that will be taking effect in May 2021. From late May 2021, we will no longer have access to a suitable retailer who can facilitate the Symantec Token Devices and the VIP Access Token App. Due to this change, we have no choice but to discontinue Token Security.
For continuation of One Time Password authentication within our Internet Banking and Mobile Banking App, we are upgrading to SMS One Time Passwords (OTP).

SMS OTPs are single use security codes that are sent directly to your mobile phone number on record with Macquarie Credit Union.

For SMS OTP to work for you when this change comes into effect, it is very important that you have a mobile number on record with Macquarie Credit Union and that your mobile number on record is current at all times.


Additional benefits of SMS OTP

  • Registration will be automatic and more of our members will be able to access the benefits of SMS OTP Security without the inconvenience of the registration process.
  • Following the introduction of SMS OTP members won’t need to have a token security device or to download the additional VIP Access app.
  • This new structure will eliminate the need for members to re-register for OTP security, should you upgrade your mobile device and keep the same mobile number. However, you will need to advise Macquarie Credit Union if you change your mobile phone number.


How will this change my online banking experience?
All members will be required to enter a SMS One Time Password for the following actions:

  • Adding a new payee
  • Updating personal details
  • Card PIN changes
  • Access Code changes

When the SMS One Time Password has been entered once for any of the above actions, it will not be required again during the same active session. An active session will end, when you logout or your session time expires.

Members who haven't experienced One Time Password Security
If you havent experienced one time password security previously, you will notice a number of changes when SMS OTP comes into effect.

  • You will no longer be required to enter in your Access Code repeatedly to confirm all your transactions.
  • You will have access to new convienient online banking features including card pin change and online access code changes.

Members will no longer require an Access Code for the following actions:

  • To transfer funds to between accounts, or to saved payees and billers.
  • To set up reoccurring payments to between accounts, or to saved, payees and billers.

This means that regular transactions will be easier for members, whilst funds will not be able to be transferred to new or updated payees and billers without an SMS One Time Password.

Members with Token OTP
SMS OTP will work exactly the same as Token OTP Security, except members will need to enter the confirmation code sent to your mobile phone number by SMS instead of the token security code you use now.


When will this change occur?
The changeover date will be determined in due course by our 3rd party Internet Banking service provider. We will advise members of this date as soon as practically possible.

Please stay tuned to your emails from Macquarie Credit Union and News Updates on our Banking App and website for notification as well as other important information for members.

To confirm your personal details on record with us are correct, please contact our friendly team on 1300 885 480 (during branch hours) or update within your Internet Banking login or the Macquarie Credit Union Banking App.



Changes to Online Savings Account "Power Saver Option" Interest Rates

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Effective 1 February 2021 the Online Savings Account "Power Saver Option" will be reduced to 0.40% pa.

For full details on these changes click to visit our Deposit Interest Rates.


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