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Corporate Cheques to cease from 28 February 2022

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Macquarie Credit Union will be phasing out corporate cheques and across-the-counter deposit facilities through NAB.

These changes are being driven by the widespread uptake of alternative digital banking, online payment, and funds transfer services.

These changes have also been hastened by the decision of our current supplier, NAB, to withdraw support for corporate cheques and deposit services in the New Year.

Macquarie Credit Union corporate cheques (also known as bank cheques or counter cheques) and NAB deposit facilities will be withdrawn and will cease on 28 February 2022. There will be no changes to Macquarie Credit Union personal cheque books, however, their usage is also in significant decline.

There are many other ways to pay bills and deposit money into your account. Online, mobile, other bill payment services, staff assisted transfers, and deposit facilities through Australia Post are just some of the convenient options available.
We would like to remind all members that our team is available to support you with your banking needs. Simply contact our branch at your convenience on 1300 885 480 or

Staff assisted transfers are available for:
• Transfers between accounts within Macquarie Credit Union
• Transfers to accounts with another financial institution
• BPAY® bill payments
• and more
Terms and conditions apply, please refer to our Schedule of Fees and Charges for details.