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Flubot Scam warning from the ACCC

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) are warning Aussies of the serious danger of "Missed delivery, call or voicemail (Flubot) Scams"

This informative article explains what the malicious software does, how to identify and avoid clicking on the SMS messages and what to do immediately if you have already clicked a link and installed flubot.

If you suspect your phone or computer may have been compromised, please take immediate action to contact your financial provider/s (on a device that is not compromised).

If you notice any suspicious activity on your accounts please call Macquarie Credit Union 1300 885 480, or our 24/7 Fraud Department 1300 705 750 immediately.

Please note: Macquarie Credit Union will never ask you to disclose your personal banking details including your access code, PIN or passwords.