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How to avoid Merchant Choice Routing transaction fees

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It is very important that you are aware that Merchant Choice Routing is now in effect on some payment terminals because you might be incuring avoidable transaction fees for contactless payments.
When asked to present your card on a payment terminal look for the message Merchant Choice Routing Enabled
This means the transaction route is determined by which option will cost less to the merchant. The result is that your contactless transaction will be routed as an Eftpos/ Savings transaction instead of a Visa Debit transaction, which can result in "Excess Fee Amounts" for transactions carried out above your number of “Free Transactions” each month, per our Member Loyalty Program.
The good news is that you can choose to avoid Merchant Choice Routing. 
To select Visa Debit/ credit routing
1) Insert your debit card (instead of tapping it).
2) Select the Visa Debit or Credit option displayed on the payment terminal. 
3) Complete the remainder of the transaction as directed on the terminal. 
Visa Debit/ credit routed transactions are free for Macquarie Credit Union Members per our Member Loyalty Program.
For more information regarding the Member Loyalty Program please read our Schedule of Fees and Charges.