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News Updates

Notice of Annual General Meeting and Director Nomination

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Notice of Annual General Meeting
Advance Notice is herby given that the 56th Annual General Meeting of the members of Macquarie Credit Union Limited ABN 85 087 650 253 will be held at the registered office, 165 Brisbane Street Dubbo at 5.30pm on Friday the 27 November 2020.
Nomination of Board of Directors
Nominations for the position of director of Macquarie Credit Union are now open. Should you be interested in playing an integral part of the Credit Union we are always looking for new talented individuals.
Nominations must be in accordance with the Credit Union’s Constitution and must be addressed to the Secretary at PO Box 1618 DUBBO NSW 2830. Applications will only be accepted up until 5pm Tuesday 25 August 2020.
Any member interested in nominating for the position of Director may request a nomination pack by contacting the Secretary on 02 6884 8172.
The role of a Credit Union Director is to represent members and serve their interests by ensuring proper control and management is exercised over the affairs of the Credit Union.
Candidates are subject to the requirements of the Corporations Act, which along with a number of common law provisions imposes specific duties and responsibilities on Directors. Over recent years there have been significant changes in the Corporations Act and regulatory environment, increased responsibilities and accountabilities of Directors. It would be prudent for any member considering nominating to acquaint themselves with these matters.

Scam Alert - Rebate Scams

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Rebate scams try to convince you that you are entitled to a rebate or reimbursement from the government, a bank or a trusted organisation.
They often impersonate well known organisations in an attempt to access your information and bank details. They sometimes request you complete steps to be able to receive a payment into your account.
Be cautious regarding any communications received from trusted or well known payment organisations such as, PayPal, Eftpos, MasterCard, Visa, BPAY etc.
If you receive any communications about a rebate, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you give out your bank account or credit card details. If an unexpected payment or repayment appears out of the blue, protect yourself by assuming it is not true.
If you are phoned about a payment, one measure of validation you can use to protect yourself is to request a number from whoever is calling you, to be able to call them back. Most reputable companies will not give out direct lines. Do not ring the number back directly. 

This method is to give you time to really think about it and determine whether it is legitimate by conducting diligent validation checks with the real organisation. Do not click on any links received. Google the organisation instead and compare published contact details.
Click below to learn more about Rebate Scams


Token Security Update

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If you are ahead of the curve and are already registered for Token Security you will discover that Token entry for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking has recently changed.

Please be assured your accounts are still secure and protected by your Security Token

The recent One-Time-Password update to Token Security provides a secure and more user-friendly option for members.

Token users will be required to enter their token for the following actions:
1) Adding and paying a new payee
2) Updating personal details
3) Changing access code
4) Viewing online statements

When the Security Token has been entered once for any of the above actions, it will not be required again during the same active session. (An active session will end, when you logout or your session time expires).

Token users will no longer require a token for the following actions:
1) To login to Internet Banking / Mobile Banking
2) To transfer funds to existing/saved accounts, payees and billers.
3) To set up reoccurring payments to existing/saved accounts, payees and billers.

This means that regular transactions will be straight forward and faster for members with Security Token protection enabled, whilst funds will not be able to be transferred to new accounts, payees or billers without the Security Token code.

This new technology provides members with secure, time saving and user friendly method of online banking.

This is the first update in a series of technology enhancements being rolled out in preparation for the Macquarie Credit Union App coming soon.


Changes to our Online Savings Account Power Saver option and Term Deposit interest rates

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Effective 1 July 2020 our Online Savings Account Power Saver option will be reduced to 0.60% pa, further adjustments to our Term Deposit rates will also occur.

For full details on these changes click to visit our Deposit Interest Rates.


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