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Email Scam Alert

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Please be aware of the following email scams.

"Dear Customer, Your ATM card is blocked because your information is not updated plz call 02XXX-56061 to Activate it thank you"

"Dear Client, Your ATM service has been blocked & will need to be reset. Please call 02 8XX 560 61"

If you happen to receive an email like these, do not call the number provided or click on any links, these are designed to scam the recipient into providing their personal details banking and/ or card details.






SMS One Time Passwords

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SMS One Time Passwords are now ready for use.


How will this change my online banking experience?
If you are an existing Token user you will need to enter the authorisation code sent to your mobile phone number by SMS instead of the Token OTP authorisation code .


SMS One Time Passwords are single use security codes that are sent directly to your mobile phone number on record with Macquarie Credit Union. 


For SMS OTP to work for you, it is very important that you have a mobile number on record with Macquarie Credit Union and that your mobile number on record is current at all times. 


Following the transition to SMS OTP  Token Users will no longer need to have a token security device or the VIP Access app. 


What’s next?


Online Internet Banking Access Code (password) changes will be introduced in the coming months. The launch date will be determined in due course by our 3rd party Internet Banking service provider.


How to avoid Merchant Choice Routing transaction fees

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It is very important that you are aware that Merchant Choice Routing is now in effect on some payment terminals because you might be incuring avoidable transaction fees for contactless payments.
When asked to present your card on a payment terminal look for the message Merchant Choice Routing Enabled
This means the transaction route is determined by which option will cost less to the merchant. The result is that your contactless transaction will be routed as an Eftpos/ Savings transaction instead of a Visa Debit transaction, which can result in "Excess Fee Amounts" for transactions carried out above your number of “Free Transactions” each month, per our Member Loyalty Program.
The good news is that you can choose to avoid Merchant Choice Routing. 
To select Visa Debit/ credit routing
1) Insert your debit card (instead of tapping it).
2) Select the Visa Debit or Credit option displayed on the payment terminal. 
3) Complete the remainder of the transaction as directed on the terminal. 
Visa Debit/ credit routed transactions are free for Macquarie Credit Union Members per our Member Loyalty Program.
For more information regarding the Member Loyalty Program please read our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Important Notice – Changes affecting Visa Debit Card Transactions

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A recent initiative by the Australian Government known as Merchant Routing has given merchants (eg, a shop or business) the ability to choose how your Visa Debit Card transactions are processed. When you use contactless (‘tap-and-go’ / PayWave) your Visa Debit Card, the merchant may choose to send the transaction via the debit network that costs them the least to accept. This is merchant routing (also known as least cost routing).

Coles, Wesfarmers and their subsidiaries have started to roll out software changes to update transaction routing capabilities on their EFTPOS machines where contactless payments are accepted. This software change will affect our Visa PayWave debit card transactions.

This means that your Visa PayWave Debit Card transactions can be redirected and charged as EFTPOS transactions instead of the Visa network or credit transaction. If you currently shop at any of the outlets owned by Coles and/or Wesfarmers including; Coles, Coles Express, Kmart, Target, Officeworks, Liquorland, or others with your Visa debit card frequently, you may potentially exceed your current fee-free transactions.

Be mindful that all EFTPOS transactions count towards your Membership Loyalty Program allocated free transactions. Unnecessary fees may occur should these redirected payments push you over your Membership Loyalty Program free transaction limit.

To avoid getting charged with excess EFTPOS transaction fees, there is a simple alternative payment method:

  • Insert your Visa debit card into the EFTPOS machine and select ‘Credit’.
  • By choosing ‘Credit’, your payments will be processed via the Visa network and will not be counted as an EFTPOS transaction. This technique will allow you to transact “fee free” under our Membership Loyalty Program.

How can I find out more about least cost routing?

Simply visit

Click here to learn how to bank fee FREE.


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