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Scam Alert: Covid-19/ Coronavirus Scams

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Cybercriminals are taking advantage of global vulnerability capitalising on international interest regarding COVID-19/ Coronavirus. 
The hot topic is being used for cybercrime activities. Be wary of Coronavirus/ COVID 19 related SMS/ text messages, emails, websites, ads and social media articles.
Do not respond to or click on any unexpected messages over any communications platform, especially those which request links be clicked on or attachments opened. 
Just some of the phishing and malware attack scams have included.
- Malicious coronavirus related products for sale online eg. Testing kits, toilet paper, hand sanitiser and face masks etc.
- Impersonations of regulation authorities and major companies such as the World Health Organisation, Australian Government, Australian Medical Association and many others.
- Fake news articles, regulatory guidance, survival guides. 
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